We are a team of Software, Computer, Electrical and Mechatronics Engineers from reputable Colleges and Universities combining extensive experience in programming, web development, robotics, mobile technology, software development and much more.

We want to mentor children in developing their personal connections to computing, by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests.

We value diversity and encourage females to join our classes. We believe girls are capable of doing whatever they set their mind to including excelling in STEM careers.

We use open source software and hardware as the core of our learning methodology and emphasize researching, re-mixing, adapting, making improvements, and sharing with the world!

Message to parents

Most kids use technology, but only some understand it. Give your children an opportunity to learn how to create their own GAMES, program their own ROBOTS, published mobile APPS and learn various programming languages. At Codify Zone, our focus is all about creation, innovation, and sharing information.

Codify Zone Team


Bilal Ishtiaque

Mobile App Development

A graduate of Software Engineering from McMaster University with a passion for developing large-scale...


Zeeshan Shahid

Robotics & Engineering

I graduated from McMaster University with a bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering. I enjoy working...


Wanming Hu

Coding & Programing

Mohawk graduate from the Computer Systems Software Development Program. Skilled in multiple programming languages,...


Linda Smith

Founder & CEO

My name is Linda Smith. I am a Computer Engineer mother of two young...

Join Our Team

We are looking for Codify Zoners that are willing to create, have fun, tackle challenges, and innovate. We strive to foster an environment that brings out the best in all of us.

We believe in children’s passion to create, innovate and learn. We’re about fun, learning and technology education. We’re building something unlike anything else.

Become a Teacher

Join our Team

Instructors are role models for our students. You must be knowledgeable, high-energy, and be passionate about technology. Codify Zone Tech instructors inspire the next generation of innovators through teaching, leading activities, and building relationships.
Combine your classroom-based education with practical work experience while gaining academic credits for your career.
If you are looking to gain on-the-job experience for career development purposes with a focus on giving back and serving the community join us (must be enrolled in the Tech field programs at College or University).